Frequently Asked Questions

-  How Does Your Service Work?

With Meet & Greet services, our representative will rendezvous with you at your airport location, including, specific time and designated meeting area, which is predetermined in your reservation, specifically, your arrival instructions.

To streamline your experience, you will need to confirm your travel details, and provide our representative with your vehicle key. Please ensure that you have collected your personal items, including, any keys excluding your car key. Before you depart, our representative will confirm your return travel itinerary.

-  Will My Car Be Safe?

Be advised, vehicles are parked at owner’s insured risk, however, the majority of our parking sites possesses security fencing and 24 hour monitored CCTV. We employ strict guidelines, which requires staff members to inspect Search 4 Parking compounds. If a staff member violates company policies, the employee will be removed from the Search 4 Parking list immediately.

During busy periods, your vehicle might be relocated to another parking compound, which may not possess full security measures, however, the majority of our compounds is enclosed with a fence and staffed appropriately.

-  Are The Companies Insured?

Yes, companies are fully insured for road risks, however, vehicles are parked at owner’s risk.


-  What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

All cancellations are subject to a minimum 20 administration fee, and will administer refunds less the administration fee.

Our cancellation policy is in strict adherence:

If your reservation exceeds 40 and you cancel not to exceed a 48 hour period prior to your reservation, you will receive a 50% discount excluding an administrative fee.

If you cancel your booking within 24 or 48 hours of your travel departure, a refund will not be honoured.

Cancelled reservations are not valid for transfer.

Refunds will be tendered to our patron’s credit or debit card, which was used for the reservation.

If you paid your booking with PayPal, you will need to provide a credit or debit card to receive a refund.

If a reservation was booked incorrectly, cancelled or a third party does not use the reservation, the cancellation policy remains in effect.

-  Are These Companies Legitimate?

Search 4 Parking has an invested relationship with reputable companies. Drivers are required to complete a background investigation with the Criminal Records Bureau, and we verify all drivers possess a full UK driver’s license.

Affiliated companies with Search 4 Parking have meet our specific requirements and background checks. During peak hours, companies reserve the right to move vehicles to alternate compounds.

Alternate compounds may not possess full security measures, which are illustrated in the original listing, therefore, we advise you to speak with our staff regarding this disclosure.

Search 4 Parking is not responsible or liable for temporary storage areas. Please be advised, vehicles are parked at owner’s risk.

Important disclosure: Cancellations are only accepted by email. Telephone cancellations are not valid.

-  What Happens If My Flight Is Delayed

If your flight is delayed, you will need to contact your designated representative who will reflect your new arrival time, so you will not incur additional charges. If your vehicle is not retrieved, you will be subject to fees for each additional day your vehicle remains in their possession.

If you need your car returned outside of normal operating hours, you will be subject to an additional return fee.

By not informing your representative about your delayed status, you may incur an additional minimum fee of 15

-  What Happens On My Arrival Back In UK?

After you collect your luggage, you will contact your designated parking affiliate with the phone number that was provided to you. Within your booking instructions, you will discover specific details that outline a meeting location. When you arrive at the rendezvous area, you will need to present identification to verify vehicle ownership with the representative. Once this important step is completed, your car will be returned

-  What Happens If I Am Running Late Or Early?

Whether you are late or early, please call your designated service, so a representative will meet you at the adjusted time interval. If you do not contact your provider in combination with arriving 30 minutes before or after your prescribed reservation, the provider cannot guarantee a representative will be available to meet you, in lieu of an additional charge may apply.

-  Are There Any Hidden Costs?

For American Express card holders, a reservation scheduled by telephone may incorporate a 3 booking fee. BAA, Heathrow, may incorporate an exit fee after a specific grace period has expired, which is estimated at 2.80, however, this is beyond the operator’s control. Be advised, select operators may incorporate this charge in their final price. For full disclosure, please click the full details' icon.

A non-refundable fee of 2.34, per booking, is administered by Search 4 Parking due to elevated bank processing fees. Select airports may possess a fee to enter or exit the set down area. For additional information, please access the operator’s banner.

-  How to Change Bookings

To alter booking information online, general information, vehicle details, phone numbers, booking time, all FOC, you will use a log in code, which was generated during your original session.

If you need to alter any dates, you will need to send an email, and a 10 administrative fee will apply, including, any additional parking charges. When the booking arrangement is finalized, the charges will be processed to your credit or debit card. If PayPal was used in the original transaction, our office will contact you prior to processing payment and finalizing changes.